Fonesure launches handset returns scheme


Mobile insurance provider Fonesure has launched Return Please; a scheme to return lost or stolen phones to their owners.

With Return Please, customers to register handsets on a website for a monthly fee. They receive a non-removable sticker with the handset registration number and a hotline number.

Fonesure is promising a £10 finder’s fee for returned handsets. Customers have to pay the first £10 of postage to have their missing handset returned within 48 hours of its identification.

Customers can register three devices for £1.99 a month, 10 for £2.99 or 25 for £4.99 and dealers will earn ongoing monthly commission. Fonesure claims dealers who sell 1,000 policies worth £4.99 per month will earn more than £225,000 over two years.

Fonesure managing director Stuart Turner, pictured, said: “Our new security tag system and database will be able to locate lost items and have a good chance to pinpoint stolen goods.”