3 cools clawback threat


A network spokeswoman told Mobile News: This is something we are considering in selected cases. Since May, we have not implemented any cases but we do not rule it out in the future.

3 UK sales director Marc Allera said in Mobile News in May that 3 was within its rights to consider clawing back customer airtime and usage costs from the dealer


The network also admitted last week that, as a result of its strategy to acquire the majority of business through its direct channels, its distribution partners have suffered. 3 is currently putting in excess of 70 per cent of its business through its direct sales channels.

We havent cut off any distributors, but we are doing less business through a number of them. This reflects our increased focus on our direct channels. Its a competitive market and while we compete for quality customers, our partners must abide by our terms and conditions, said the spokeswoman.

She added: We are moving towards direct because we want quality connections. This is what we will be looking for over the coming months.