Customer concern over Nokia battery warning


But dealers said the warning from Nokia had prompted customer enquiries.

Ashley Communications owner Geoff Ashley said: Weve had a few customers that have said theyve been affected and even had one who phoned me to ask if I could send him 38 replacement batteries. All

we can do is direct them to Nokia.

A spokesman for Nokia service centre Chatterbox said: Weve only had a couple of queries come in. It only affects the older handsets, which are not as popular in the UK as there are more fashionable handsets being released all the time. I doubt many people will have a problem.

Nokia said not a single incident of overheating had happened in the UK, despite reports of over 100 incidents of overheating globally.

No serious injuries or damaged handsets have been reported.

Mark Squires, Nokia UK director of communications, also dismissed suggestions Matsushita had known

of the fault in the BL-5C batteries last December.

He said: Matsushita actually fixed the problem before they knew there might be one. Simply by improving the design of the batteries, they eradicated the problem.

The overheating problem only arises after the BL-5C lithium ion batteries have been charged more than 200 times, causing them in certain incidents to swell and pop out the back of the phone.

Squires added: It only took Matsushita a few days to inform us. We have ensured our customers have

been made aware of the potential problem as soon as possible so that nobody else risks being hurt.

BL-5C batteries are used in the Nokia 6230, 6630, N70, N91 and E60, among others.

Both Nokia and Matsushita have offered to replace any problematic battery free of charge.

More than 300 million BL-5Cbatteries have been produced for Nokia in total.