Eyes on the prize


Samsung Mobile UK director Mark Mitchinson is looking to increase UK sales by more than a million handsets this year.

It is the next stage in his plan to make Samsung the number one handset manufacturer in the UK. Mitchinson, who flirted briefly with the notion of switching jobs three years ago, realises it is pointless to be an overnight sensation.

The correct foundations must be in place before the real assault on the summit, and profitability must not slip to achieve market share. It is a good thing, then, that his itchy feet have eased at last and he is settled in for the long haul. After eight years at Samsung, his attitude has changed too.

We will be number one, he says. The thing is that I like building a business up. Three years ago, I felt Id reached a point where Id already done a pretty good job of building this business up, and the question was where did I go from there.

Now, however, he says he can very seriously see himself staying at Samsung for another five to 10 years, though he hastens to add its not because it will take the company that long to reach number one.

We will get there much more quickly than that, he asserts. But being number one can be a short-lived thing if you dont get the basics right first áa