Has HTC got a golden Touch?


When I was told Id be interviewing Paul Ghent in Leicester Squares prestigious Sound nightclub before the launch of the Touch handset, it struck me as a strange choice of venue. However, once inside, it became clear I was about to be introduced to something special.

Speculation had been rife on the internet prior to the launch, with one website screaming HTC prepares a Windows Mobile iPhone while another claimed HTC planned to change the way we use and control our phones. They must have seen it coming.

HTC Touch, the future of touch-screen technology at your fingertips or so the advertising said. As I prepared for the interview, the PR spokesman representing HTC was equally enthusiastic, adding: What youll see today will blow you away.

Ghent is quick to claim the excitement surrounding the launch of this handset is heavily backed up by the end product.

Were not just talking about a smartphone or a PDA, were talking about a touch-phone. Its a totally new concept arena that has never been entered before, he enthuses.

This device has all the features and functionality aspects that an end user could want. Its about easy functionality, the end user experience and making the phone enjoyable to use, as well as being in a slim and sexy looking package.

The Taiwanese firm is starting to build a strong reputation as an up-and-coming smartphone manufacturer, so is it risky making such a big noise about a unique handset?

Not so, says Ghent. Instead, the release makes him even more confident HTC will become a recognised name in the market.

Any manufacturer wants to be the first to do something outstanding and wants to be recognised as being an innovator and a leader in the market.

With this technology, well most definitely be a leader in this area.

The reason being that weve formed a very close relationship with Microsoft in regards to Windows Mobile on our handsets so we are able to work within a successful collaboration.

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