Mystery shopper – 391



In the outdoor area of the Lion Yard Shopping Centre, this brightly lit compact store had nice pink décor a perfect environment for helping me find my stylish new phone, I thought. I thought wrong.

I didnt have to wait long before a young woman behind the counter asked if she could help. She was dressed in black casual gear and was very bright and friendly, but there the joy ended. She didnt even have a name tag.

We looked at some handsets together, but she didnt seem too committed. The only commitment was mine I wanted the phone of my dreams!

We picked out the Motorola K1, which was only on display in silver. I asked about pink and blue she said there was no pink and as for the blue, well, it looked like the picture next to the handset. Thanks, Einstein.

She explained the Flext 25 tariff briefly and wrote it down for me, but thats as far as it went. For all its value, and for all my desires for a fancy phone, she made no attempt at pushing the handset or a deal. In fact, she didnt ask me a single thing about how I used my phone or what else I was looking for besides looks.

The experience was as shallow as my eye-candy phone desires and was the most forgettable of the day.

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