Qualcomm to appeal against US chip ban


The Bush administration yesterday upheld the The US International Trade Commissions ban on the importation of the chips, which are carried by many operators including Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel.

The ITC imposed the ruling citing that Qualcomm chips infringe on patents belonging to Broadcom Inc. including push-to-talk and video compression.

Qualcomm will now launch an appeal and renew its request for a stay of the ITC ban on imports of future 3G mobile broadband handset models.

Qualcomm CEO Dr Paul E. Jacobs said: We are committed to preserving the enormously successful mobile broadband industry in the U.S. and to protecting and advancing the significant gains that have already been achieved in communications, disaster preparedness and emergency response.

We will pursue all legal and technical options available to us to minimize the impact of the ITC order on consumers, our customers and the entire wireless industry.