Ryans private saviour


Stand outside the Crewe headquarters of 20:20 Mobile Group and youd be forgiven for thinking John Caudwell still ruled the roost.

The Caudwell name looms large on the signage outside each of the companys huge buildings, a landmark for any driver lost in Crewe.

Naturally the signage is an illusion. There is no more Caudwell Group. There is no more John Caudwell (in the corporate sense).

Mark Ryan agrees its probably time for a new paint job. But scrubbing out the founders name is not top priority for the 20:20 CEO.

We are a trade distributor. We havent needed to develop a brand per se, he says. In the industry, 20:20 already has a fantastic brand.

As everybody who hasnt been in a coma for the past year should know, Ryan no longer works for the Caudwell dynasty. He answers to the board of Doughty Hanson, Europes biggest private equity firm and the people who stuck £347 million in John Caudwells bank account to take ownership of 20:20 and Dextra.

Ryans plan now is to deliver profits and growth to enable Doughty to cash in on its investment through a flotation or trade sale.

The twin prongs of the strategy now are international expansion through organic growth and acquisition, and developing more added-value business for MVNOs and networks.

So what attracted Doughty to the business?

It liked the fact we are dominant market leader, claims Ryan. It sees massive opportunity for future growth. We have a dominant position in terms of dealer marketplace and our portfolios of manufacturers and suppliers.

The MVNO market is key to 20:20. Ryan claims the company handles every major MVNO launched to date, offering them an end-to-end service.

We do all the MVNOs áa