T-Mobile sacks 10 direct dealers


The company has slashed its total number of direct business partners from around 40 to closer 15 in little over a year.

Azzurri divisional director Martin Flick said T-Mobile had sent him and Azzurris entire T-Mobile customer base a letter informing them that Azzurris contract had been terminated.

Flick said: T-Mobile has been totally unprofessional. It should have given us some notice to limit the impact upon our customers.

Sources said last week that T-Mobile had recently sacked channel support staff.

It has made people redundant and, right up to middle management and senior level, staff are unmotivated and fearful for their jobs, said one prominent dealer.

Another B2B dealer explained: Its support for the channel is poor and its volumes are disappointing. But rather than put resources back into the channel, it is sacking its dealer support staff and now it is cutting dealers.

T-Mobile also came under fire last week for poaching customers from dealers. T-Mobile informed dealers to expect more of the same.

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