The making of Mr. Humphrey


Staff at Go Mobiles 2005 Christmas party assumed they would be in for a quiet year. Managing director Iain Humphrey announced that he was focusing on consolidation for the chain, that at that point numbered 20 stores.

They were wrong. As it turned out, 2006 saw a near doubling of retail capacity for the Daventry-based retailer. It closed the year with 37 outlets and its first franchise store. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Humphrey told staff at its Christmas party at the end of last year to expect rapid growth.

It is also hardly surprising, then, that when Fone Logistics boss Ian Gillespie needed to offload its ailing Activmobile retail chain, he turned to Humphrey.

When it comes to retail ambition, Humphrey is the dealer who appears the most ambitious to grow his retail footprint áa