Vendors arent playing ball on crime


As it stands, only networks and retailers are involved in the organisation. MICAF chairman Jack Wraith

said MICAF, the Home Office and the police had all approached manufacturers to join the group, but to no avail. Wraith said: It sends the wrong message to the industry. The issue of mobile phone crime starts with manufacturers.

Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson have all been MICAF members in the past, but have all abandoned the cause.

They claim their focus is global, not national, said Wraith.

They claim if they supported a UK initiative they would be obliged to support other national initiatives in other markets. But they sell an awful lot of handsets in the UK and we were disappointed at their decisions to quit the organisation.

Mobile phone crime is an industry-wide problem and manufacturers have a role to play.

Wraith accepted manufacturers have made handsets more secure, but said mobile phone theft was driven by handsets. Manufacturers need to get a better understanding of this problem in the UK, he said.