Vodafone chief exec doubts iPhone impact


He said: We have a handset line-up for Christmas that will incorporate music, email and web browsing facilities. We are feeling good about the alternatives. If we get the iPhone, fine. If we dont, that is also fine because we have our own line-up of devices.

Sarin said the fact the iPhone was not a 3G device made Vodafone less keen to range it anyway. Its a software-driven product and a good device, but it doesnt have 3G connectivity. Economics are something one has to look at when they think of carrying a device. If a 3G iPhone was made available we would love to carry it, he said.

If you are going to have an internet device it needs to have 3G connectivity and thats the key point. The good thing about the iPhone is that it raises the bar for the industry [in terms of design].