Vodafone grabs exclusive rights for new Curve


The new model is the first Curve to come with built-in Vodafone satellite navigation. Customers will receive a 12-month free subscription to the service if they connect to the Blackberry Internet Service.

In addition to the satellite navigation the new Curve provides users with fast web browsing, comprehensive email facilities, 2 mega-pixel camera, media player and a desktop software suite for managing multimedia content.

RIM vice president and managing director Charmaine Eggberry said: Vodafones customers in the UK will benefit greatly from the many features of this new smartphone, including email, multimedia, GPS and more.

The BlackBerry Curve 8310 is an ideal tool for users who want to stay connected while juggling their busy work and personal lives.

The Blackberry Curve 8310 will be available from 3 September and is exclusive to Vodafone until 31 October.