Vodafone pulls Facebook ads


Vodafone said it was unaware its adverts were appearing on the

BNP page in Facebooks political organisations section because it purchased advertising for the site in bundles.

Vodafone added that it did not support any party political interests.

A spokesperson said: We advertise our products and services across a wide range of online and offline publications. In the case of online, bundles of space are purchased across a number of sites, including social networking sites.

We were not aware a Vodafone advertisement would appear next to a British National Party group on Facebook. To avoid any misunderstandings we immediately withdrew our advertising as soon as this was brought to our attention.

Vodafone is working with its media buyer to ensure tighter controls are in place before signing further advertising deals.

Meanwhile, Orange, who also advertises on Facebook, said Vodafones actions were hypocritical.

A spokesman said: It sends a mixed message to customers, as Vodafone is currently working on a deal with MySpace.

A lot of our customers use Facebook. We find it highly successful.