Ready at last


At least I hope it’s up and running!! If you are reading this then all has gone well.

When I joined Mobile News in April I was told to completely change the way that we do things online. From that informative and helpful guideline I sat down and thought about what would make our site look fresh and interactive. After much soul searching and countless hours in the pub I came up with the design that you see in front of you.

We believe that this site is the most interactive and up-to-date in our sector as you can now access videos, audio, picture galleries, SMS news service, podcasts, forum, games blogs and a whole lot more.

You may also have noticed that the site is now called Mobile News International and you might be wondering why this is the case? If you don’t care then please skip down to the next paragraph…otherwise read on. The name change highlights our intention to include international content on this site. But rest assured we will still primarily focus on the news coming out of good old Blighty.

One thing that I would like to let you all know is that the site will soon become registration-based. This means you will need to sign up for a nominal fee to read our stories or use our features. But don’t worry you will be given a lengthy free trial so that you can decide for yourselves if it’s worth paying for. If not I am off to the dole queue!

I hope you like the new design and all the added features and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at

Enjoy the site!

Mark Sennett

Online Editor