Putting a face to the voice


If you don’t recognise my photo or my name – and I’d urge you to try and forget the image that’s been chosen – it’s time I introduced myself. I’m Mark Bridge, one of the team that produces the Mobile News podcast. I’m the implausibly-enthusiastic one, working alongside industry legend Iain Graham and technical genius James Rosewell.

Unlike most of the other people who’ll be taking turns to blog here every week, I’m not a Mobile News employee. That goes for Iain and James as well. It means we’re able to approach the podcast from the same perspective as anyone else looking at the new website or flicking through the newspaper.

The result, we hope, is that we offer a unique perspective on the mobile telecommunications industry. Our aim is to add to the newspaper and online service rather than repeating the same information in a different format.

In case you wondered where we’ve come from, we’ve been producing a mobile industry podcast called ‘The Fonecast’ since the summer of 2006. In fact, there are over 50 archived broadcasts available on our website at TheFonecast.com.

We’re now delighted to be the official podcasters for Mobile News (with generous sponsorship from 20:20 Logistics in association with the Nokia N95) and look forward to building on our past success by offering a choice of free and subscription-based Mobile News podcasts.

The next podcast will be online Wednesday morning – so I’ll look forward to talking to you then. Meanwhile, if you’ve not yet heard us, simply click the ‘podcast’ link at the top of this page!