GSM Exchange adds 4,000


Online mobile trading site GSM Exchange has increased its membership by 4,000 in just six months.

There are now 18,000 mobile phone companies registered on the GSM Exchange site, which is based in Ireland, including networks, distributors, traders and retailers across the globe. Its managing director Essam Bishara said numbers had swelled on the back of growth of GSM markets in the US, India and Africa.

GSM Exchange has also launched a new auction service, whereby members can specify the types of companies and the specific markets they want to sell goods to. It has also launched a new wholesale price comparison service for traders, which tracks the sale and price of goods in different regional markets to provide average wholesale prices in each market.

Bishara said: "We have grown our membership dramatically. Six months ago, we had probably 14,000 members and we have 18,000 now. The new services are an extra networking tool for traders and enable them to sell surplus goods at the right price, to the specific markets and customers they are interested in."