O2 unveils unlimited data tariffs


O2 has launched three new unlimited data packages for contract and prepay customers. The three ‘bolt ons’ will be available from October 1.

O2’s ‘Web Bolt On’ is available for £7.50 per month. It is targeted at customers that want to browse the web and send emails, and has an upper usage limit of 200Mb per month, which it claims covers around 1,400 web page impressions.

O2 is also launching a ‘Web Max’ bundle for £30 per month, pitched to contract customers using a data card or their handset as a PC modem for internet access. It has an upper usage limit of 3Gb per month.

For BlackBerry push-email users, O2 is also introducing the ‘Unlimited BlackBerry’ bundle for £10 per month. Its fair usage policy sees an upper limit of 200Mb per month.

O2 marketing director Sally Cowdry said: "O2 has a whole range of devices that provide a great mobile internet experience such as the Xda Orbit, BlackBerry and, of course, the Apple iPhone – and now we are offering unlimited Bolt Ons to help our customers do what they want without worrying about the bill."

O2’s Web Bolt On and Web Max are also available for corporate customers exclusive of VAT. Corporate customers also benefit from 30 minutes of WLAN included in the Web Max package.