First Virgin Mobile tariff refresh for seven years


Virgin Mobile launches its first new tariff for seven years on Oxctober 1.

‘Bonus Minutes’ is available to new existing mobile customers on calls to all mobile networks and fixed line numbers. Virgin Mobile customers will be charged at the usual rate for the first five minutes of a call, and get the second five minutes for free. Thereafter, call charges revert to the lower per-minute rate. Callers get a maximum of five minutes of free calling time per day.

Said new Virgin Mobile managing director Graeme Oxby said: "Apart from promotions, it is the first fundamental change to the Virgin Mobile tariff for a long time. There has been the odd promotion here and there, but this is brand new – a core new tariff for medium- to heavy-users.

"There are no catches. There are a lot of free-this and free-that promotions going on. Virgin Mobile prides itself on being clear and simple, and it’s what we’re doing with this. it’s a well-tried mechanic, but there are no restrictions on who you call or when you call. It’s five minutes per day, two and a half hours per month. That’s it."

Customers can opt in to the service via text or phone. The new tariff will be supported by in-store and print marketing.