Six months on


I’ve been at Mobile News six months now and it has definitely been an interesting, fun-filled and of course challenging time, but not bad for my first job in the UK (how many of you haven’t detected the Aussie accent?)

I’ve gone home from a day’s work very often with a sore head from analysing and dissecting this complex and fast-moving industry but the best part is when it all clicks and I can begin to make sense of it.

I’ve also had the opportunity to travel this lovely country in my meetings with many of you out there and it’s been great to find out more about how you’ve grown your businesses and what hurdles you’ve faced.

Not only has it been a pleasure to meet the big guys in the suits, but it’s been rewarding to hear the voices of independent dealers out there and the tales of their frustration and innovation.

Part of our effort at getting independent dealers more involved in our magazine and giving them an avenue to make their concerns and ideas known are by holding dealer discussion panels.

We’ve held two now and those of you who’ve read them in the mag will have seen the debates that emerged and hopefully got you thinking – it’s definitely opened our eyes.

For example, we didn’t realise so many independent dealers were all for box breaking as it earns them up to an extra 30 quid a handset. The guys have also been very honest about churning customers to another network because it offers better deals and commissions.

I must admit the only disappointing part has been the lack of interest to participate. We had to cancel the one scheduled for last week for that very reason which is a shame for those who have put the date aside in their diaries to come along.

Please guys, get behind the forums and make the time to take part. Not only is it a chance for you get things off your chest about the industry but it’s a promotion for your business too. Not to mention a valuable networking tool – guys from our last forum are helping each other out for various projects which will hopefully end up profitable for all parties.

If you are interested, get in touch – we’d love to see a lot more of you there!