Phones 4U buyback scheme


The Phones 4U-branded service, which has launched in all its 450 retail stores and online, quotes customers a trade-in price for their old handsets.

Customers can pick up a pre-paid envelope from Phones 4U on purchasing a new handset and post their old one to MPX. Phones 4U will pay the quoted value of the old device direct into customers’ bank accounts.

The scheme is fully compliant with the WEEE directive, the new legislation and electronic waste goods.

MPX managing director Geoff Walters said: “If the phone is relatively new and scarce they could get a really good price; up to £200. People are realising their old phones actually have value.”

Networks are also being approached by MPX as it looks to sign similar white-label deals. Network trials have shown the initiative was effective at reducing customer churn, said Walters.

MPX will refurbish the handsets and ship them to emerging markets like the Far East, Africa, India and Eastern Europe.