T-Mobile and 3’s network share deal


A T-Mobile spokesman told Mobile News talks between networks were in “very early days”.
He said: “We believe it has a huge potential to offer a better network to our customers, as well as obvious potential cost savings.

“We could potentially be sharing existing network infrastructure and new infrastructure. We anticipate some masts will be removed. Customers will have greater access to a 3G network, plus benefits to the environment.”

The spokesman said network sharing would not affect customer tariffs on T-Mobile offerings.

A 3 spokesman said the move would save both parties a “significant” amount of money.

He said: “3 has the most extensive 3G network and the second best is T-Mobile, so together we will have much wider access.”

The deal will also allow for 3 to increase its population coverage from 90 to 98 per cent more rapidly than if it were to continue rolling out its own infrastructure.

The spokesman added: “The two companies will still compete very strongly – this will let us compete more fiercely on prices.”

The talks also opened speculation they could lead to T-Mobile purchasing 3 altogether.