Gorillabox launches Mobile TV service


The new service allows advertisers to display videos or downloads for a fixed fee without a revenue share. Gorillabox offers clients a fully integrated service that enables them to execute, manage and track their mobile TV campaigns. This includes ingesting and encoding content, designing, deploying and maintaining the mobile site through to managing the billing, search engine optimisation and offers advertising opportunities within the site.

Gorillabox founder and CEO Christian Harris said: “There’s been a lot of hype around mobile TV. But we’re looking to cut through that hype and show brands, content owners and mobile operators that mobile TV also makes commercial sense.

“As well as enabling brands to engage more directly with their customers, we’re going to show marketeers there’s money in mobile TV. Because of our agreements with UK operators, we’ll guarantee to pass on all the revenue to our clients so they can easily track the effectiveness of their mobile TV marketing campaigns."