Rocom offers new dual-use headsets


Rocom is Plantronics’ largest distributor in the UK and it is also looking to ramp up its activity with Swedish manufacturer GN, which is responsible for the Jabra brand.

The headsets are Plantronics’ Voyager range, which pair with both desk and mobile phones, and GN’s version of the latest dual-mode headsets.

Rocom head of dealer sales Tom Maxwell said: “Resellers only have to look at the success of mobile data services to realise the market is growing rapidly – especially since the recent driving legislation amendment. So these products will sell well. The new generation of all-in-one Bluetooth headsets eliminate the need for multiple headsets and generate higher value sales.”

The Plantronics Voyager 510 (pictured) offers connectivity with a desk phone and mobile. The Voyager 510 USB variant comes with a voice-enabled USB attachment that connects to a laptop to give users access to voice communications via a softphone.

The new GN Jabra JX10 with Bluetooth Hub also pairs with desk phones and mobiles. GN’s range of multi-use headsets also includes the BT5010 and BT5020.

“These are the new generation of headsets,” said a Rocom spokeswoman.

“They are easy and comfortable to use, and a real time-saver in the business arena.”