O2 launches new data packages


O2 said on the back of the launch that mobile data had reached a tipping point in the UK.  

O2 head of consumer postpay marketing Peter Rampling said: “Until recently, the range of devices available has not been so good. We had a selection of very capable devices, but the range and form factors of data devices is now far better.”

He added that much more compelling content was now on offer, especially with the growth in social networking sites in the UK.

“Once you have the devices and the content in place, you have to support it with simple tariffs,” he said. “That is what we have done.”

O2’s ‘Web Bolt On’ is available for £7.50 a month. It is aimed at customers who want to browse the web and send emails, and has an upper usage limit of 200MB a month, which it claims covers around 1,400 web page impressions.

O2 is also launching a ‘Web Max’ bundle for £30 a month, pitched to contract customers using a data card for broadband laptop internet access. It has an upper usage limit of 3GB a month.

BlackBerry push-email users can sign up to the ‘Unlimited BlackBerry’ package for £10 a month. Its fair usage limit is 200MB a month.

O2 marketing director Sally Cowdry said: “These tariffs enable customers to do what they want without worrying about the bill.”

Web Bolt On and Web Max are also available exclusive of VAT to corporate customers, who also get 30 minutes of free WLAN.