The hard life of a journalist


Desmond later went on to make squillions from such noble endeavours as “Readers Wives” as ‘Asian Babes’ giving him enough petty cash to buy the Daily Express. I hear he still eats banannas and editors for breakfast.

Apart from experiencing the pleasure of being a wage-slave to a future porn baron life on IM had its pluses. Loads of expensive guitars to play with, free tickets to any gig in town, record company parties practically every night, and enough free albums to start a vinyl factory. It was like being in show business. Hell, it WAS show business.

But even the high life of working on International Magazine pales into what the average hack working on the mobile magazine can expect these days. When we started Mobile News in 1991 the fledgling mobile industry was engineering-led.

The target market was businessmen on the move. Not any more.

The mobile business IS the new show business. Every day our teams of tireless reporters from Mobile News, Fone, and What Mobile sift through piles of invitations to attend concerts, parties, festivals etc. “Who wants to see Rod Stewart at the O2 centre tonight” .

“Virgin want to know how many of us are going to the ‘V’ festival”.

“Does anyone know what time the Orange BAFTA’s start”.

“Anyone here like Girls Aloud/Amy Winehouse/Jay Kay etc etc “.

In any given week there are empty desks. “Where’s X?”.

“Oh, they are in Japan/Korea/Ibiza as a guest of SonyEricsson/LG/Samsung/Nokia ”.

“She’s in Valencia at the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes launch”. Etc etc Sometimes it seems the journos should be paying ME to work here!

The great thing about becoming a Grumpy Old Man is that I don’t begrudge ‘em any of it. I’ve been on enough club/gig guest lists and seen the insides of enough airport departure lounges to last forever. And I’d rather stick hot needles through my eyes than have to sit through most modern acts.

Nope – I’m happy for our bright young things to enjoy the show biz freebies on offer from an industry desperate for its brands to be perceived as hip and cool by the under-25’s.

As long as they keep their hands off any invites to the forthcoming Led Zeppelin and Bruce Springsteen concerts to be held at a venue named after a certain network operator.