3 launches UK’s cheapest PAYG tariff


The new tariff, called “Flat 12”, undercuts the competition by 20 per cent and offers customers free voicemail, even if they don’t have any credit, and also includes 300 free minutes to call other 3 mobiles.

Flat 12 customers will also have the option to convert their top ups to a 3 ‘stretch deal’, which allows them to get cheaper call and text rates. Customers who top up £15 per month will receive 300 minutes costing 5p per minute or text and for £21 per month they will get 700 minutes at 3p per minute or text.

3 UK marketing director John Penberthy-Smith said: "PAYG customers will no longer be treated as second class citizens with this new 3 tariff.

“We’re undercutting our competitors and giving people more reasons than ever to switch to 3."