BBC slams 3 over cashback


The television programme, which aired last night, claims to have received ‘hundreds’ of complaints from customers who have not received any cashback from UK networks.

Watchdog spoke to CEO Kevin Patel who claimed that 3 offers cashback deals working on the basis that only 40 per cent of its customers will claim their cashback. But Patel revealed that actually around 80 per cent of his customers were claiming cashback leaving him unable to pay cashback to all of them.

3 head of corporate communications Guy Middleton hit back by saying: ‘Cashback is an arrangement between customers and retailers, not the networks.

"However, 3 is concerned by the cashback-related complaints it continues to receive and has an established process through which all cashback complaints are dealt with.

"Customers affected by the liquidation of a retailer or that have suffered through miss-selling will have their complaints examined on a case by case basis."