Fightback for 3


This time last year, 3 had significant problems and wasn’t in most dealers’ good books – as even sales director Marc Allera admitted at the operator’s recent dealer conference.

3 attempted to turn matters around by terminating between 500 and 600 dealerships because it claimed they weren’t delivering quality business.

Allera said that dealers should have seen this coming and admitted he was surprised at the level of shock in the channel. However, Allera claimed that the overhaul has paid dividends.

“We made a lot of big moves, but they’ve all been for the right reasons,” said Allera. “Now we have dealers with whom we have very good and comfortable relationships and we want to build on that.”

Allera added: “We had a very unhealthy balance last year and it was a one-way street in terms of sustaining these partnerships. But that’s all changed now and we’re in good shape.”

CEO Kevin Russell echoed Allera’s sentiments, adding that the network had to go back to basics to ensure that it went forwards rather than backwards.

“We’ve fixed a lot of operational things that went wrong last year and our aim was to build a platform from which we could work from; we’ve done that now,” said Russell.

“We hope those changes will see a partnership based on trust and quality for years to come.”

Director of indirect sales Bernie O’Beirne did his best to convince those in attendance that these changes have had an impact and will continue to make themselves felt.

“We want to give you the best support possible and will continue to invest in you as well as a new team to help you, which will be up and running by mid-November,” he said.

O’Beirne also added that 3 plans to introduce minimum quarter commission packages, which will be in place for dealers for the full quarter from January 1, 2008.

He also praised the work of the 180 members of 3’s elite dealer group, the Q Club, adding that its focus on quality business had helped cut fraud by nearly 60 per cent for the network.

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