EasyAir sue Opal Telecom for damages


In 2004 EasyAir, trading as OpenAir, was given notice by O2 that it would no longer continue as a service provider for the network. This contract was then taken over by Opal Telecom who paid OpenAir an undisclosed fee for its subscriber base.

Opal Telecom also signed a dealer agreement with OpenAir, which stated that OpenAir would promote and market all of Opal’s telecommunication services.

The contract also stated that OpenAir would continue working on the subscriber base and would receive a percentage of the profits, which were approximately £2.6 billion per annum.

But in August 2004 Opal Telecom ceased paying all revenues to OpenAir stating that it had removed network services from the subscriber base.

Since this period OpenAir has attempted to reach a settlement for financial damages with Opal but since no agreement could be reached the case will now be heard in court.

OpenAir managing director Anthony Lloyd-Weston said: “For the last three years we have had to put everything on hold, but meanwhile people have lost their jobs and livelihoods as a result of this action taken by Opal Telecom.

“But enough talking has been done and we want to get on with our lives.”