Life of a podcaster


At this point you’re either laughing or looking puzzled. The joke was much funnier when Sir Cyril – a Rochdale MP with an impressive stature, both physically and politically – was regularly hitting the headlines. Still, 15 years after Big Cyril retired from parliament, it’s still a good joke.

I’m Iain Graham, the host of the Mobile News podcast. I often struggle to believe that I’m now a podcaster. A year ago, podcasting sounded to me like fishing for peas. Today I’m one of the team behind, which produces the Mobile News podcast.

It’s now two and a half years since I said goodbye to my career with Vodafone. I’ve certainly not missed corporate life but, after over two decades spent within the mobile telecommunications industry, I did miss many of the people.

The Mobile News podcast has given me a unique opportunity to keep in touch with former colleagues, renew old acquaintances and make new friends. I’ve always been a fan of communication, not conflict, which is why our podcast interviews are all about listening to people within our industry and understanding what they’re doing.

In case you wondered what I spend the rest of my time doing, I’m now putting my corporate experience to good use. I’m a professional speaker who chairs conferences, conducts auctions and acts as MC for a wide variety of events. I’m also a professional toastmaster, wielding my gavel at weddings across the UK.

If you’ve not yet listened to the Mobile News podcast, you’re definitely missing out. The three of us – me, Mark Bridge and James Rosewell – take an off-beat look at the week’s mobile headlines every week. The podcast is free to download, so just click the link at the top of this page and give us a listen.