Unique draws dealers after cashback purge


Unique chief executive Andy Tow (pictured) said while a significant number of the distributor’s dealers had been using cashback, all but one had decided to uphold Unique’s new policy, implemented on October 31.

Tow added that 15 new dealers had expressed interest in signing up to the Abingdon-based distributor.

He said: “We had spoken to all our dealers before we made the decision and there was an overwhelming anti-cashback sentiment. It’s almost like smoking – dealers find it difficult to give up because the guy next door is doing it and if they drop it, they wont be competitive.

“The one dealer we terminated was totally wedded to cashback, and that’s their decision to make.”

Tow said Unique has alternative marketing proposals to offer dealers. He would not reveal details, except they would be more creative for dealers to “hook” customers.

“I hope the other distributors follow suit,” said Tow. “This decision gives them the opportunity to do so. But it’s a competitive market and distributors might see it as an opportunity to capitalise.”