Carphone’s problematic iPhone launch


Many Carphone stores were unable to let customers purchase the handset during the first hour of the launch because Carphone’s chip and PIN payment system crashed.

Some Carphone stores began to accept cash payments for the handset, which is not a method normally accepted by Apple. But in other stores customers were forced to wait while the problem was resolved.

Carphone believes that the problems were only a minor glitch in an otherwise successful launch. A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson said: “The payment problem was only a minor issue and was due to the high volume of transactions. But the situation was resolved quickly and caused minimal problems.

“We have been really pleased with the launch and there have been lots of customers buying the iPhone in our stores up and down the country. For many of our customers Friday was the first chance to see the iPhone in person and most are claiming that it has exceed their expectations.”

But all though the launch night may not have been as busy as expected it has been rumoured that up to 70,000 iPhones have been sold nationwide over the weekend. An Apple Spokesperson said: "We are unable to reveal any sales figures at this point but we are pleased with the launch."