The journalism habit


Anyway, six weeks ago, the cycle was broken for me. I went on paternity leave, which brought with it an altogether more magical high – a little boy called Michael. Returning to the office again was almost like starting a new job. It’s a cliché in this industry, but the rate of change is rapid and three weeks out of the game leaves you some catching up to do.

Most trade journalism is narrow in its remit and enables its practitioners a degree of expertise in a trade sector. But the mobile industry is getting bigger all the time, and ‘new’ news doesn’t really let up. For years, we have been told by the mobile phone is the ‘Swiss army knife of electronic gadgets’ – actually, much more than just a ‘mobile phone’. But it is only just now that manufacturers and networks can justifiably make such a boast.

Handset functionality is there at last, and the Apple iPhone shows the old guard how phone software should work. A host of ‘Web 2.0’ companies reckon the time is right to enter the mobile market. Next year, we will really see retailers sell mobiles on more than just price and a convincing sales patter.

Last fortnight’s production cycle, for issue 402, was pretty intense, and not just because of the sleepless nights. A lot of column inches were devoted to this new era in mobile: the iPhone launch, Google’s nascent Android platform, Nokia’s new digital content play, BlackBerry’s push into the mass market.

We also gave the magazine a new coat of paint. You should find issue 402 easier on the eye and better organised. We have attempted to give it a more sophisticated and modern look. Certain pages have been overhauled, the body font is larger, the bold separating lines have slimmed down, there are more full-colour images. Hats off to the design team, Glenn and Nik, for their efforts.

As the industry races forwards, we hope you find the new-look Mobile News a choice read – a news-fix and something of a fortnightly high.