Mobile truckers’ hijacking warning


Organized freight crime peaks during September, October and November, and drops off during December, said freight tracking company Eurowatch. But opportunists will look to steal valuable goods, such as mobiles, from trucks knowing they can be sold on easily well into the Christmas shopping season.

“Casual criminals, normally engaged in other areas, switch their attentions to freight crime
during this period. High demand means it is a profitable time for thieves, who will have no problems stealing and selling on large quantities of goods,” Eurowatch said in a note to freight forwarders.

“Tried and tested methods and locations remain the same in this period, only more so. Truck parks, delivery locations, lay-bys, side roads and industrial estates will all be targeted.

“In most cases, thieves will look for specific types of goods and will examine a vehicle’s
load prior to stealing it. A gang will likely slash the sides of a number of vehicles in an area before deciding what to steal. For this reason, drivers should lookout for parking places where nearby trucks show evidence of tampering or slashing.”

It warned: “Parking at delivery locations overnight marks out a goods vehicle as an easy target, especially if the location is dedicated to specific merchandise such as clothing, computers or mobile phones. Parking outside one of these places is tantamount to telling the criminals exactly what you are carrying, or will be carrying.”