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Maybe it’s the fact the company has moved with the times and offers a range of complementary services in addition to its staple business of handset repairs.

At the heart of A Novo’s UK operations is a 40,000 sq ft engineering factory in Norwich, employing 780 workers and handling products from every mobile phone manufacturer except BlackBerry and Sagem.

A Novo has the widest range of accreditation of any repairer in the UK and offers a range of bespoke service offerings for each of its six key customers: Orange, Nokia, The Carphone Warehouse, O2 and Tesco Mobile, plus a section for dealer and distributors. Each client is located in a separate area and independently managed within the factory, in order to focus on the customer’s individual requirements; be it refurbishment, repair or screening. The factory handles up to 150,000 handsets per month, with almost three million handsets processed last year (including bespoke offerings).

It’s this large scale operation that business unit manager Kevin Coleman believes is key: “Over the course of the last five years there’s been consistent downwards price pressure from operators, retailers and manufacturers, which has led to the need to make our productivity volume based; you’ve got to be able to push numbers.

“What A Novo did very successfully was first of all realise this was the way the market was going and subsequently to invest in a large scale industrial facility,” he continues. “We did this around two years before our nearest competitor.”

Also crucial to A Novo’s success is its ability to maintain long-standing relationships with major UK networks and manufacturers. It has been the supplier of choice for O2’s repair and refurbishment services for the past 10 years, with a new four-year contract recently signed. A fast turnaround repair model is in place for O2 retail, where products from all major manufacturers are collected from high street stores, repaired, and returned to branches within 24-48 hours, on volumes in excess of 20,000 products a month. This covers at least 98 per cent of O2’s existing product range; a total of around 180 products, including legacy products. A Novo handles at least the same number of products from O2’s bulk logistics operation, so supporting virtually the whole O2 customer experience, whether in store, corporate exchange by post or doorstep delivery.

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