O2 trials NFC technology


The O2 Wallet will allow customers to use their mobile phones as Oyster cards to travel around London, access events at the O2 and also be used to pay for items at selected locations, all by touching the phone to a reader.

O2 has partnered with Nokia, Transport for London, TranSys, Barclaycard, Visa Europe and AEG to launch the scheme, which will be trialled across London over the next six months by 500 people selected from the O2 customer base.

Each trialist will be given a Nokia 6131 handset with a pre-installed version of the O2 Wallet. Barclaycard will credit each handset with £200 to enable the trialists to use ‘contactless’ payment readers at retailers to buy goods for £10 or under.

In return the trialists are expected to provide feedback on the services and security of the O2 Wallet. If the trial is successful the O2 Wallet could be commercially available across London by the end of 2008.

O2 customer director Cath Keers said: “This trial is going to provide insights which will prove crucial to getting the customer experience right as we bring NFC on mobile to market.

“For this to work we will need the whole ecosystem to come together which means mobile operators, banks and retailers all working together to fulfil a shared vision. If we get this right we can place the UK at the forefront of technology innovation.”

To view a video demonstration of the O2 Wallet please click on the link in the related links field at the top of the page.