Dealer date for iPhone: Q1 ’08


siness tariffs for the iPhone in the New Year, and distribute the device in the B2B space via its dealer partners.

“This [consumer] launch is part of a bigger product and proposition portfolio,” said O2 UK sales and marketing director Mark Stansfeld. “We’re rolling this out to the consumer space direct. A lot of work has gone into that. Hopefully we will make it available to other parts of the market too.”

B2B dealers last week expressed disappointment O2 had not made the iPhone available to business customers sooner, and had not committed to a release date to the dealer channel. They even said they would be forced into Carphone Warehouse stores themselves to pick up iPhone stock for re-sale to their business customer base.

Said one large B2B dealer: “O2 has missed a trick. Businesses want the iPhone – perhaps not in the hordes we are led to believe consumers want it. But I have had plenty of customers asking about it, well ahead of its launch.

“And the thing with these sharer tariffs is the customer takes out a dozen phones for the workers and one shiny handset for the chairman. The boss wants that handset. It is typical of O2.”

An O2 spokesman added: “There aren’t any business tariffs for the iPhone yet. Business users can take out a consumer tariff, and we will help them port their numbers. We have focused our resources on its roll-out to the consumer market. We want to broaden into other segments of the market too, but that will be into the New Year before we do that.”