BlackBerry focus on dealer sales in 2008


RIM head of marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa James Hart said the smartphone manufacturer had traditionally focussed on the large corporate sector with direct network relationships. Said Hart: “When sales were mostly driven by the network, we might not have been aware of what the indirect channel could do for us.

“But this year we have seen a surge in business from the indirect channel and we’re working more closely than ever with distributors and dealers to raise awareness of the product. They are coming to us saying their customers are asking for BlackBerry.

“The rise of indirect sales is helping us improve our reach of the SME market.”
Hart added the new BlackBerry Professional software, designed for up to 30 users, which can be installed via CD installation kit, highlighted RIM’s commitment to seeing the devices move “out of the boardroom”.

“This software allows us to further penetrate the SME space,” he said. “SMEs make up about half of the UK’s organisations. It’s fundamental to deliver our platform in a more streamlined way.”

However, RIM won’t abandon its original target audience: “We’ll continue to invest in large enterprises, which is our core business. We are being very careful not to neglect this market,” said Hart.