E-TEN seeks 3 and Virgin deals in bid for UK sales


E-TEN chairman and chief executive Simon Hwang (pictured) said: “We are not so cocky to talk to the top networks right away. We are evaluating the situation. We will talk to the second-tier players, 3 and Virgin Mobile, in the first instance.”

E-TEN has launched three new business handsets in the UK, available to the dealer channel through distributors Hugh Symons Telecom (HST) and Portix. The Glofiish X600, X800 and M800 all run Windows Mobile 6.0 and come with Wi-Fi, 2-megapixel camera and GPS. The X800 and M800 are 3.5G/HSDPA.

Hwang said: “In the UK, we have not been strong in the channel so far. We are looking to increase our activity there, and also win network contracts. Previously, we have produced 2.75G handsets. Today, we are launching two 3.5G products.”

E-TEN aims to replicate the success of rival HTC and said it is integrating a substantial commissions package into channel marketing.

Said Hwang: “We’re not as big as HTC, and our brand is not as well known outside Taiwan. We know dealers have a job selling our handsets in the face of such strong competition.

“But there is plenty to recommend these devices and we will pay dealers a better margin to help us establish ourselves in the UK. We have to reward the channel properly to sell our products, to convince users to buy them.”