Unique to launch global business traveller MVNO


IGB said it was looking to incorporate its relationships with UK networks 3 and O2 as well as with Al-Warid in Pakistan and Mobitel in Sudan.

A spokesman said: “Our MVNO will provide a new concept for the mobile industry, by being among the first to attach itself to numerous airtime providers, allowing us to set our own charges for calls between partner countries.”

The project is being headed-up by Unique chief executive Andy Tow.

Tow said the offering would be launched as a completely new brand next summer.

Said Tow: “The IGB group has a large customer base of international travellers, so it is developing a new technology solution. The outcome will resemble a traditional contract offering. It won’t necessarily be marketed first in the UK.”

Meanwhile, 3 said it was in discussions to announce its first MVNO partnership early next year.