Vodafone customers are getting lost


This future would involve me walking into a shopping centre and being inundated with messages offering me great discounts if I went straight to a particular shop. All my friends and family would know instantly where I am and I would know where they are. I’m sure the mobile networks included such services when justifying their 3G licence payments to shareholders.

I bought into this vision of the future and created a service called Intelligent Property (www.intelligentproperty.com), allowing the property industry to easily advertise on mobile phones. A key concept in the design involves removing the need for the user to enter unnecessary details such as location.

Customers using O2, Orange and T-Mobile tell me how fantastic the service is. However Vodafone users get a different experience. Although the network claims to offer location based services, 20% of my customers are either located in Equatorial Guinea, or when standing in Chelsea could be in Slough – a problem acknowledged by Vodafone’s UK senior management.

Come on Arun, when will Vodafone catch up with its competitors and provide reliable and accurate location services?