As we all know, Pottsy won the contest, pocketed £100,000 in prize money and is now on the way to his first gazillion in record royalties and appearances (Royal Variety Performance, opening Bloomingdales Christmas display etc).

He’s now set to splash out on a new set of pearly white gnashers. Sensible lad. With bright new ivories, surely he’ll be a cinch to sell a Shine if he ever goes back behind the counter.

Chandler’s a bright Spark

Mainline financial director Steve Chandler was ridden with jet lag and a cold when he ran the New York marathon last month, but still managed to finish more than 30 minutes ahead of actress Katie Holmes.

Chandler was in strict training for 18 weeks and finished the marathon in less than four-and-a half hours, cheered on by a crowd of two million (although maybe they were cheering Holmes). He raised £10,000 for the Sparks medical research charity for children.

Chandler was nursing a few sore hamstrings afterwards, but was back at work the following week.

In the cells for cell bell

It’s a tough ol’ life for anyone who lets their mobile ring in the Niagara Falls Court of Judge Robert Restaino. In fact, it’s a tough ol’ life for anyone who happens to be sitting in His Honour’s Court at the time.

It’s not only the owner that gets thrown in the cells – it’s everyone in the whole damn room: which is how 46 people found themselves locked up when the owner of the offending phone wouldn’t ’fess up.

Coincidentally, they all got released when the local newspaper got hold of the story. The hang ’em high Judge won’t be sending any more people downstairs; he was removed from the Bench after State Authorities decided he was a few notes short of a full ring-tone due to ‘personal problems’.

God luvs u?

You know how tough life can be when those difficult moments arise and you need the Good Book to get you through the crisis. Well, for those of us who don’t go around tooled up with the St James Bible, fret thee not.

Christian Mobile will zap extracts to your holy handset from both Testaments of the Good News Bible for £6 each. Maybe it will help you.

SkMouse has a ring to it

Skype hasn’t been on the market too long, but is it already being made out to be a mouse?
Well, of the PC kind anyway. Costing $42.50 (£20.60), a portable gadget now combines the functions of optical mouse and Skype VoIP phone into one compact shell.

Incorporated is a chip that is dedicated to deliver instant, stable VoIP communication with the help of Skype software, internal speaker and condenser mic. It also has a sliding open keypad to allow customers to access dialling up a number, or answering a VoIP call.

All you have to do is put this mouse to your ear when the connection is established or phone rings and enjoy the chat your about to have.

I really never thought I’d see the day when a mouse would be talking to me in a language I understand.