More autonomy for Motorola UK


Motorola took top spot from Nokia in Latin America under Fenger’s stewardship.

He has been given carte blanche to sort out Motorola’s ailing EMEA operation, which includes the key UK market, where Motorola’s share hovers around six per cent, battling LG Mobile for fourth place.

Motorola UK and Ireland general manager Jim Michel said: “America always said, ‘we’re number one in North America and Latin America’. They’ve realised EMEA is big too – bigger than America, Latin America, China and India put together.”

Fenger’s restructure of Motorola’s EMEA operation sees Michel, for the first time, take full control of UK finances, customer accounts and product exclusives. Michel said: “We’ve always had sales people leading our region. Now, we have someone that knows how to run a multi-market business leading our region. Mike has reorganised things. I am now in charge of UK profits and losses. The local decisions now come from me.”

The clampdown on grey market trading is a part of a wider Motorola initiative. Michel takes charge of the UK purge.

He said: “We have taken drastic measures against grey stock, shutting down certain distributors in the Far East. Of all the vendors, we have done the most to stamp this out; our customers will pay testament to that.”

Fenger has a three-year plan to rebuild network, retail and distributor confidence. Three network customers were invited this week to Motorola’s headquarters in Chicago to discuss plans for the coming 18 months.

Its market share is expected to pick up only in the second half of 2008, when Fenger and Michel’s plans start to take effect.