Azzurri gets contract renewal


ADP has more than 585,000 clients worldwide and first turned to the Weybridge-based service provider more than five years ago when it needed to take advice on how it managed its mobile communications.

Azzurri has installed a mobile extension, which would allow ADP’s mobile users to make mobile calls to each other at mobile-to-mobile rates as opposed to costly mobile-to-landline charges.

Azzurri director Simon Price said: “There were some things that we could easily improve, such as adding the mobile extension. The benefits were immediate and included reduced costs and less time consuming four-digit calls internally.”

The service provider also hosts a billing analysis portal, enabling it to evaluate who exactly is using what products and what usage is, helping it to identify high cost areas.

ADP now has over 300 mobile connections and Azzurri has also rolled out BlackBerry handsets and 3G data cards throughout the company.