iPhone unlockers losing war against Apple


The iPhone was released last month and locked to O2.

Apple has since released firmware updates to ‘brick’ the handset, sometimes dismantling its functionality, and wreck the unlocking trade for the device.

Prior to the launch, Apple released a statement advising customers not to use unauthorised unlocking programs on their iPhones as it could make the handset inoperable when the update is installed.

Turn On Your Mobile proprietor Mark Pollak said: “We knew this was going to happen but the software updates Apple is continuously sending to its handsets are causing us endless grief. It’s as if it’s ‘bricking’ the phone on purpose so the consumer can’t use it.

“It’s like a school child in the playground. Consumers are already spending enough on the phone and for Apple to treat them like this is very immature and irresponsible.”

Fonedoctors proprietor Faisal Sheikh said: “It’s an endless game of cat and mouse between ourselves and Apple and it’s a constant struggle because it’s continuing to be extremely stubborn and bullish.

“It’s a pretty complicated and sometimes a long process but what consumers need to realise is that not every handset can be repaired. It’s just not that simple.”