Advantage claims 300 dealers enrolled


Marketing director Graham Jelfs said: “About 200 each month are regular buyers. We have had a lot of dealers open accounts with us that approached us out of the blue – our sales team had no prior contact with them, they had just heard about us.

“By this time we had hoped to have 250 dealers on board, so we have surpassed our target. We would easily be able to accommodate 50 per cent more by mid next year.”

Jelfs added that Advantage was also now making about 4,000 new consumer connections a month. With the majority going to 3, it claimed it was now 3’s second largest indirect connector behind Unique.

Advantage managing director John McFarnon said: “We know consumer business very well. We know how to support dealers – we have a great software program. We pay dealers on time. We haven’t had a shipment go wrong since we started. We’re honest with dealers, and only take an order if the product is available.

“It’s between us and EBS for the number one 3 consumer connection slot next month, and they are a good company to follow. If we end up number one, great, but we want to concentrate on good levels of service.”

McFarnon added that Advantage was looking to secure a further network partnership by the end of this month to add to its catalogue of Vodafone and 3.

“We don’t want to work with every network and be unimportant, but work with a few networks and do important business.”