Dealers pack out Ofcom meeting


Ofcom last month requested to meet with 20 dealers at its central London headquarters on January 11, as part of its review of misselling and cashback guidelines.

IMPDA founder Chris Caudle said places for the meeting filled fast, with dealers from as far as Scotland and Wales signing up.

Said Caudle: “They are coming so far because they think it’s that important. Our phones haven’t stopped ringing.

“We have had to turn lots of dealers away – today we heard from 68 dealers who wanted to come but we had to say no.

“It’s the first time dealers have had the opportunity to talk directly to Ofcom and everyone has jumped at it.”

Caudle added that he would develop an agenda for dealers’ input to the meeting via the IMPDA and Phone Dealer Forums. Along with cashback and misselling, dealers would focus on network relationships and the future of the mobile industry in general.

“We want to get more give from the networks,” he said. “For example, O2 won’t let authorised O2 dealers have the iPhone until January. It’s crazy. We’re hoping Ofcom’s influence on the networks will help us.”

The wider dealer community can contact Caudle via the forums with suggestions for the meeting.