Mainline unveils dealer marketing blueprint


Called Blueprint, it offers marketing products and services to dealers, which have been pre-approved by Orange and can be paid for from a dealer’s Mainline marketing fund.

All the key components of Mainline’s previous marketing programme are included, but now split into two catalogues: retail and B2B.

The retail Blueprint focuses on product range promotion, increasing customer footfall and growing basket size. Catalogue items include branded merchandise and stationery, posters, PoS equipment, leaflets, advertising and public relations activity.

The Blueprint for B2B is centred on winning new business, commercial development and customer retention. Available items includes business gifts, data lists, tariff analysis, appointment setting, PR and trade show support.

Mainline business channel marketing manager Stephen Spillett said: “The tools in the catalogue are tried and tested and have been very successful over a considerable period of time.

“It provides dealers with high quality marketing to complement their sales operation. Best of all, the majority of activities are implemented by Mainline on the dealers’ behalf, enabling them to focus on their core activities – securing sales and offering high quality customer service.”