Mobile resentment


I remember when I first joined What Mobile way back in 2001, the hot phone of the moment was the Siemens SL45, beautifully crafted in silver with a glowing orange screen and one of the first handsets to include an MP3 player.

Everyone in the office was clamoring after the one review model and, to my surprise, the boss at the time said I could be the one to use it for a week or two, resulting in lots of jealous looks from my new colleagues.

Unfortunately this jealousy turned to outright resentment when after three days I dropped it down the toilet in an Indian restaurant and it was damaged beyond repair (although naturally I concocted an elaborate tale about leaving it out in the rain while playing football).

Not much has changed seven years on (I’m still resented ha ha), with us gadget conscious journos fighting amongst ourselves over the latest super phones that come popping through the door. “But I saw it first”, “It’s got my name on the package” or “Sod off you had the last one” are just some of the cries you might hear.

The trouble is, such is the speed of technological progress that each new product has an extremely limited shelf life and it’s not long before something even better is released. “You’re using the inter galactic power-whammy 5000? Ha, I’m getting the inter galactic power-whammy 5001 tomorrow!”

Still, it’s all part of the fun. Now how do I make sure I get hold of that 3G iPhone?